Alghero Torbato DOC Wine

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Torbato (Tourbat in France) is a Mediterranean white-wine grape variety now grown exclusively in northwest Sardinia
The wine is straw colored with good structure, typically crisp and dry with a small proportion of barrel maturation to add richness. Distinctive flinty and mineral flavors, even smokiness, are present in many of the wines released.
Torbato was once grown in Roussillon and other coastal areas of the northern Mediterranean, but its low yields and need for a high level of maintenance in the vineyard has resulted in it being replaced by more commercially recognizable varieties. When ripe, Torbato has very heavy clusters, causing the stems to bend under their weight and fruit to fall from the vine.
The origins of Torbato are disputed with some claiming it arrived from Greece, others suggesting it was introduced by the Aragonese (from Spain) and one school of thought claiming it as native to Sardinia.Synonyms include: Tourbat, Malvoisie du Roussillon.Food matches for Torbato include:Bread with mushrooms and pecorino cheese,Chargrilled chicken wings with herb salad, Smoked trout terrine.