Monica di Sardegna Doc Superior

The history of Monica wine is inseparably entwined in the mystery and fascinating tradition of Alghero. At the turn of the 11th century a few Spanish monks planted this grape variety in the area between Sassari and Alghero.
Under the reign of the Aragonese, it was the Camaldolesi who promoted the wine all over the rest of the island with such a degree of success, that today it is amongst the most popular red grape varieties on the island.

Technical Characteristics

Alcohol Content: 13,5-14% vol.

Volume: 750 ml

Pruning and harvest: Manually, with the selection of grape clusters

Vinification: Maceration for 10-12 days

Visual: Deep red in colour

Olfactory: Notes of wild flowers, mature red fruits and a hint of spice

Taste: Dry, smooth flavour and elegantly structured

Suggested with: Delicious with canapés and cheeses. Excellent with salami, it also complements the typically rich flavours of Sardinian dishes containing red and white meat to perfection

Recommended serving temperature: 64°F

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Vintage 2014
Award Douja D’or – Camera di Commercio di Asti – (2016)